See What The Two Holes On Your Back Says About You!!!


Did you know that your bodies were keeping a secret from you? Almost all of the people have 2 holes on the lower back.

  •  Are you interested what does these two holes mean?

Well, these two holes are your luck brother. Furthermore, they represent beauty, and that is something very good. In addition to this article we are going to present you something more about this.

Origin of the name

The names of these holes (dots) are Venus Holes – the ones on the females, and Apollo Holes – the ones on the male’s lower backs.

This is like it is because both males and females are prone to this phenomenon. The holes are placed in the lower back where two bones connect the pelvis.

Suitable size ligaments

Another interesting fact is that if you have them it is because of the suitable size ligaments that you have. This means that your construction is strong and your body and bones are healthy enough. But, another reason for having these holes are the genetics predispositions.

The holes are positioned around the pelvic area, they provide a good circulation. And if you have good circulation, you will have better life and moments with your partner.


Another reason is the good weight. But, if you are over-weighted, the holes won’t appear magically. First, you will need  to lose weight, then you will need to exercise, and after that you may have these beauty holes.

The reason why they are names Venus Holes, is because in ancient Rome they were characteristic of beauty. The women who had them were the most beautiful of all.

Intimate life

Most of the people claim that if you have holes, you will achieve faster orga.. but, you may cover them with your body fat.

Physical activity

So , in case you want to continue having good intimate life, you need to take care of your line. Some people recommend fitness, others recommend yoga.

It is good to be physically active, as the old people used to say in good spirit healthy life.

Holes vs dimples

Moreover, people compare these holes to the dimples. So, they are saying that these people are similar. Special and similar is the best description to these appearances.

As we can conclude from what we have previous mentioned, that the names of the holes are Venus in the case of female, and Apolo in the male case.

Also their appearance can be a result of firstly, genetic predispositions, and second, as a result of small size of the ligaments.

Next, we can conclude that people with these kind of holes have better intimate life, than those who don’t have them.

As we can hear from the people and most of the surveys that we are making, result that you cannot make these holes with exercise. Either you have them or you don’t have them.

The main reason for this is that the Venus and Apolo are places on a part of the body where we don’t have muscles. And, that place can be called as dead zone for exercise. You cannot make muscles there. But, you can keep your shape and your weight, just not to cover them with body fat.

But, furthermore, it is not that important if you are not blessed with these kind of characteristics. You probably have many others features that you are satisfied with.

And at the end, we are all unique in some way, do not bother to want something that others have.

So, be yourself and everyone will like you just because of the way you are.