5 Tips For Raising A Friendly Cat

While some cats and explicit breeds could also be friendlier than others, there area unit some easy steps you’ll fancy facilitate your cat feel snug and permit their seraphic, friendly personalities to flourish. If you have got a kitten it’s best to induce a begin on this early in order that method you’ll have a social, well-mannered kitty that brings joy to everybody. Here area unit our recommendations on the way to raise a friendly cat:

1. It all begins with light handling

Cats will become afraid if you don’t handle them with care, and this is often very true for kittens and younger cats. It’s necessary to indicate them attention and observe being further light with them whereas handling. If you influence your cat that we have a tendency to humans area unit trustworthy and type they’re seemingly to be far more responsive and crave your attention reciprocally.

2. Teach them to come back once you decision them

These clever animals ought to don’t have any drawback recognizing their names when a touch of repetition. observe line of work them by name and once they begin returning you’ll reward them with a treat. Cats that come back on command aren’t back and luxuriate in being around individuals. If you teach them to come back once you decision them then they’ll learn to try and do this for others, too.


3. Introduce your kitten/cat to feline-friendly dogs

The younger that your cat is once you introduce them to a cat-friendly dog the higher it’s for them to be told that some dogs is nice. Most cats area unit naturally frightened of dogs, thereforeme|and a few} even a lot of so because of dangerous experiences. If you have got a dog in your home this can be easier, however if not attempt socialising your kitten/cat around a dog that doesn’t mind kitties.

4. Keep kitty on the point of you

In the initial few months, particularly throughout kittenhood, it’s necessary to keep up a healthy presence for your kitten and to not be off from the house an excessive amount of. Cats area unit rather freelance and might be upstage naturally, however it’s necessary for his or her social development to be interactive with them and to shower them with variant attention. plow ahead and invite individuals over to awe over your new precious kitten and allow them to show them some attention, too. this manner once they area unit older they won’t be discomposed by attention since it’s one thing that they’ve forever notable.

5. Be loving together with your cat

By no suggests that area unit you expected to lock lips with a cat, however by active a “cuddle and scoop” technique with them this might do wonders. once it’s heart time fastidiously decide them up and pull them in on the point of you, stroke their fur and treating them such as you would a baby. Showing your cat that human interaction is dead safe can facilitate for them to develop trust and can additionally work to form a robust bond between you and your cat. likelihood is their kitty motor can get to operating too with this easy routine.