5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Russian Blue

The Russian Blue could be a stunning cat breed that comes in exactly one coat color and density, that is that the uniform greyish blue hue that we tend to all instantly acknowledge. Their majestic eyes draw US in, and this breed is idolised by several everywhere the globe for its distinctive and sweet traits.

Here ar five stuff you didn’t understand the Russian Blue:

1. Lucky Cats

These cats are literally thought of to be an honest luck charm. In Russian traditional knowledge, the Russian Blue has long ago been thought of as an emblem of excellent luck, and therefore the premier cat alternative for several Russian Czars of legend. The legends of traditional knowledge claim that when a Russian Blue cured Associate in Nursing peaked aristocrat, whereas several were believed to own been employed in royal settings to thrust back evil spirits from harming the royal newborn babies. thanks to their widespread standard within the royal realm, these cats ar thought to be of royal lineage pedigrees.

2. i favor Things the approach they’re

The Russian Blue isn’t your typical cat, and that they don’t adapt well to alter. projecting to the routine that they thus urgently crave, these kitties like everything constant right down to a science. Fed at constant time, sleep at constant time, even play at constant time. With their routines right down to a T, don’t be shocked if one amongst these cats is employed to feeding early and refuses to allow you to sleep in. clearly with this attribute of the breed, they don’t do the most effective with moving and ar strictly supposed as a one-owner cat.


3. Don’t see Strangers

This breed is super friendly with folks they move with within the home on Associate in Nursing daily basis, however don’t be shocked if your Russian Blue doesn’t respond well to guests. If you’re the kind of individual that includes a ton of traffic in and out of your home from guests, then this is often not the perfect breed for you. The Russian Blue is thought for being back with folks they’re unacquainted with and do best in a very home that’s not a celebration zone for out of doors traffic. The Russian Blue shows its warmheartedness for those they’re at home with, and prove however devotedly loyal they’re with their house owners, even following them from area to area.

4. known Cartoon Kitty

Little illustrious fact: Tom from Tom and Kraut is believed to be a Russian Blue because of his dark-blue grey color and bright inexperienced eyes.

5. i need to Be Clean

Due to their dense double coat, this cat needs brushing additionally to the constant cleanup rituals that they supply for themselves. The Russian Blue is kind of the tidy cat, and whereas they like to be clean themselves, they price cleanliness throughout. If you’re thinking of transferral a Russian Blue into your home be ready to stay their litter box spick and span in the slightest degree times. If you don’t this clean freak cat can don’t have any alternative however to alleviate themselves elsewhere. Yikes!